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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2017

    Huawei Hg8240Fiber Gpon Onu Wireless 4 Ports Onu is free to write a tutorial. Let those who do not know how to use the router in the bedroom to look at the Internet, just do it. If you are a switch. Look directly at the end.

    first step: it's very simple to buy a router. Now the router in the market is basically divided into two kinds: TP-LINK and D-LINK, and the 2 kinds of routers are in fact big and the same, and there are no big and bad points. Microwave Communication Equipment Huawei Optix Rtn 310 Radio Link Microwave Transmitter As long as you don't be fooled by black hearted merchants when you buy a router, they are likely to sell you a switch as a router.

    second step: after buying the router back to the dorm, plug in the power and connect the net, it's the network interface and the router under your desk. For the first time, please connect to the computer for the first time in the instructions. Don't tell me you can't go, all right, I'll not be you. What about that????? Come on, tell you, find a root network to connect the computer and the router directly.

    third step: Shanghai Univer children's shoes need to register your MAC address to Shanghai Univer information office, but after you use the router, the MAC address you have to register will be changed to the MAC address of your router. This step, I will teach you how to get your Mac address. There's a little difference between TP-LINK and D-LINK here. First of all, your computer is connected to the router.

    if you don't know if your router is TP-LINK or D-link. Original Quidway Huawei 2U Rack Server Rh2288H V2 With 4 Ge Ports The following two addresses, you have a try.

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