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    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2017

    heating system. Consumers should be distinguished in the purchase, in order to prevent disputes after the mispricing, consumers may require the operator to mark the contract "to warm the wood floor" content. 2, the ground heating wood flooring with the main indicators, including dimensional stability of heat resistance, moisture resistance, dimensional stability, surface resistance to hot and

    humid performance, surface resistance to hot and cold cycles, thermal conductivity and so on. Product packaging should be marked on the manufacturer name, address, product name, date of production, trademarks, specifications, types, species and so on. 3, concerned about the price. Under normal circumstances, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring to choose from a larger room.

    Large brands, large-scale production of parquet, laminate flooring quality assurance. 4, the relevant national installation standards have been implemented, installation personnel should be specially trained and certified posts. 5, to the heating wood flooring installation and use to follow the "law." Experts suggest that the floor heating wood floor installation temperature can not be too low, the

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