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    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2017
    Sandalwood burning incense burner. "Heroes of Heroes," the second four back: "At this moment, the house has long been servants holding a golden lacquer dish children, riding a red burden, with a small sandalwood incense burner, lit cigarettes.
    Sandalwood furnace structure
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    Naturally ventilated sandalwood furnace, must contain several basic components: base, furnace, Sheng things, furnace cover, sandalwood furnace body with a chamber inside, the chamber has a central through hole, the bottom of the sandalwood furnace is provided Ventilation holes, Sheng things in the furnace body, which can be placed within the sandalwood powder. The sandalwood lid is provided with a through hole.
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    When the sandalwood powder in the container is ignited, the air can naturally form a venting loop through the base, the vent hole of the furnace body and the through hole of the lid. As long as the furnace body removed, placed on the desktop, or rotate the furnace to a proper angle, you can block the furnace vent, leaving the lit candle lit sandal powder self-extinguishing, which can save sandalwood The amount of powder, but also can improve the safety of sandalwood furnace.
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