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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2017

    Development of high-performance wear-resistant, refractory castable development and application of what is not accidental High-performance wear-resistant, refractory castable development and application of what? Refractory materials and related technology is still relatively backward. Beijing Mastery Technology on the basis of extensive investigations jig for fence panels and studies, combined with the actual use of cement production enterprises, the tertiary kiln cement kiln, windshield valve, grate cooler throat and other parts of the refractory use of low-temperature problems exist Analysis and development of a suitable high-performance wear-resistant refractory castables.

    Development process As the cement production and process control have their own characteristics, so high-performance formula of wood plastic composite wear-resistant, refractory castable development is to improve the construction program to ensure the quality of construction at the same time, improve the tertiary duct and the wind valve, grate Cold machine throat, kiln hood and other parts of the refractory properties (ie, strength and wear resistance, alkali, corrosion resistance). In cement kiln refractory castable damage flow chart wooden products manufacturing mechanism to understand, from the following aspects of the development and adjustment.

    castable particle size distribution. Castable construction depends on the rheological properties of the castable, which in turn depends on the rheology of the castable particle size distribution (ie aggregate to binder ratio). At the same time, according to the cement kiln process requirements (including process temperature, dust content, etc.), improve castable synthetic wall panels alkali resistance and wear resistance.

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