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    to prevent minor scratches and can be used in the product after a period of time slightly scratched the same color, and thus Prevent scratches deepen and darken. Crack-proof --- Although the wood is made into the floor and the furniture but does not lose the characteristics of the plant, it is easy to heat up with the weather and shrinkage, damp and dry, so often after the installation of the floor

    crack, and in this product Natural resin can help to replenish the needed wood oil and moisturize the floor in time, so that the floor is not easy to crack. 2, light wooden floor, furniture is not maintenance and luster gradually dim, and this product contains natural resin, wood products can quickly absorb and restore luster and bright as new. 3, moisture-proof wood floors, furniture, nemesis

    is water, while the wood-based oil contains water-repellent ingredients to prevent the wood due to damp and moldy. 4, decontamination This product contains natural wood oil, so the use of the moment has a decontamination effect, and the wooden surface fresh. And anti-static without dust. 5, antibacterial natural phytoncid function with anti-bacterial, beneficial to the human body. Floor of

    composite floor construction

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