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    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2017

    Refractory clay is a powdery material and binder for the modulation of mud with amorphous refractory material. It is mainly used as masonry refractory brick binder and coating materials. Most of refractory mud is to add water (or water solution) into a slurry to use. It should have the corresponding masonry brick performance, refractory clay coke oven should meet how to build a porch on a slanted concrete patio the following requirements: After construction and use should have the necessary adhesion to ensure that the masonry or the surrounding layer as a whole, so that should be With resistance to external forces and gas, erosion-resistant role.

    Must have good mobility and plasticity, in order to facilitate construction. It has the same chemical composition as the masonry or the surrounding layers, so as to avoid the first destruction of refractory mud and avoid the bad chemical reaction between different materials. With the masonry or the surrounding material with the same plastic boards menards thermal expansion, so as not to detach each other, mud layer rupture.

    The volume to be stable, smaller shrinkage, in order to ensure the integrity of the masonry and tightness. In the use of temperature sintering can occur in order to increase the mechanical strength of masonry. A certain degree of refractoriness and load softening point. The corresponding refractory clay should be selected according to the plastic deck board spacing type of brick and the operating temperature, that is clay mortar should be used for masonry clay brick and silica mortar should be used for brick masonry. Where the metal masonry parts in contact with the masonry site, must be added in the fire clay concentrate powder. When masonry coke oven top brick, should add to the clay fire cement can increase the strength of the cement - Portland cement and quartz sand. Silicone fire mud is silica, waste silica Wpc Deck Nz Advantage bricks and refractory clay (raw clay) prepared from powder.

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