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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2017

    Silica brick is an acidic refractory material, with good resistance to acid erosion, its thermal conductivity is good, the load softening temperature is high, generally above 1620 ℃, only 70-80 ℃ lower than the refractoriness. The thermal conductivity of silica brick increases with the increase of working temperature, there is no residual shrinkage. During the drying pre built structures using composite panels process, the volume of silica brick increases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the silica brick is the ideal refractory products on the coke oven, modern large and medium-sized coke oven important parts (such as the combustion chamber, chute and regenerator) are made of silica brick.

    During the drying process, the maximum expansion of silica brick occurs how to calculate the labor for a wood privacy fence the largest volume expansion caused by cristobalite. The key to determine the thermal stability of silica bricks is the true density, the true density of the size is one of the important signs to determine the conversion of quartz.

    The lower the true density of silica bricks, the more complete the lime conversion and the less residual expansion that occurs during the oven. In silica bricks, the true density of tridymite crystals is plastic wood composite lumber the smallest, the linear expansion rate is small, the thermal stability is better than cristobalite and quartz, slag erosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, high load softening temperature is the most stable form of quartz .

    Fired silica brick, the highest content of tridymstate, accounting for 50% to 80%; followed by cristobalite, only 10% to 30%; and quartz and glass phase content fluctuations of 5% to 15%. When the operating temperature is lower than, the volume of the silica brick changes greatly, the performance of the anti-quenching and heating is poor and the thermal stability is not good. If the coke steel flooring system disadvatage oven at this temperature long-term work, masonry is very easy to rupture damage.

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