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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2017

    The higher the silica content in silica, the higher the fire resistance of fire clay. Adding waste silica bricks can improve the high temperature adhesion between fire clay and silica bricks because the silicon bricks have a similar thermal expansion curve to that of silica bricks. When the transformation volume of quartz crystal is changed, it is less likely that the fire bricks will separate from the silica bricks, The ability to adhere to the silica bricks is good. General silicon brick powder content of 20% to 30% is more appropriate.

    Adding raw clay in silicon fire mud can increase the plasticity, reduce air permeability and water loss, but the amount should not be too large, otherwise it will reduce the fire resistance of silica fire mud, shrinkage increased, generally not more than 15% ~ 20 % Is appropriate.

    The requirements for particle size are: not more than 3% for 1mm or more and not less than 50% for less than 0.074mm. Silica pyrite particles affect the performance of the use of fire mud, the particles are too large, rapid loss of mud mud, bricks operating difficulties in the gray tank prone to precipitation and segregation phenomenon; particles are too small, the slurry is easy to ferment, dense gouache Worse. Generally easy to use the mortar hit the brick, the brick can be easily rubbed, beat about 15-20s, this time and the composition of the particles. Therefore, the performance of silicon fire mud, you can use this time to represent.

    Clay Fire clay is made from the calcination process clinker or crushed clay brick plus fire-resistant clay (raw clay). Clinker is the main component of clay fire, accounting for about 75% to 80%. Raw clay is a binder, adding clay can increase plasticity, reduce air permeability and water loss, but increased shrinkage. Excessive clay, prone to cracks, so the ingredients accounted for about 20% to 25%. The use of clay fire mud temperature is generally lower than 1000 ��. Coke oven clay mortar is generally fine and medium particle size, particle size through 0.5mm and 1mm sieve should be greater than 97%. In addition to clay fire clay used in masonry brick parts, but also for the repair coke oven.

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