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    specific nozzle, adjust to the fog, spray it evenly on the floor furniture, and then electrostatic mop supporting the electrostatic cloth gently wipe the oil off. 3,5-8 minutes after the floor furniture surface drying can be polished without the same bright. Through the above introduction, I believe we already know what is the floor of the oil it! The use of floor oil, over a small family to share finished, I

    hope everyone at home to help maintain. For more maintenance knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.There are many kinds of waterproof home heating, radiant floor heating is one of them; radiant floor heating floor heating temperature uniform, safe and comfortable, is the first choice for many home consumers to warm. Below we take a look at what

    are the advantages and disadvantages of floor radiant heating First, the advantages of radiant floor heating 1, the ground temperature is uniform, room temperature gradually decreasing bottom-up, high comfort. 2, weakened air convection, better air cleanliness. 3, Compared with other heating methods, more energy-saving, energy-saving rate of about 10% -20%. 4, is conducive to interior

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