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    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2017

    Wood, as a natural material, is cut down to make a floor or furniture, but without losing the characteristics of plants, wood materials with unique permeability and absorption, it is easy to produce material with the environment and a variety of changes On the variation. Wood oil is the purpose of deployment. It is a product containing palm oil, grease can make the wood floor quickly absorb

    and increase the hardness to scratch, wear and wear, this new product was first exported to Japan, turned out to be maintenance of expensive wooden antiques, carvings, Mahogany collection, then gradually used in the wooden floor. An average of 2-3 years on the floor is full of scratches, wear, and tarnishing. In less than 3 years, some of them are deformed due to dampness and the floor is

    soggy and can only be worn again. Can use Photocatalyst wood essential oil to absorb the floor, and regular maintenance for 1 to 2 months, so that the wood floor is not easy to lose their luster and dry crack, but also to achieve the effect of preventing scratches. Second, the use of floor oil 1, the first wooden floor surface of the sand and larger dust cleared. 2, installed on the maintenance of oil-

    free plywood used for trash can Macedonia

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    composite fence panel commercial

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