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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2017

    many users will encounter unsuccessful situations after setting up the Genuine Cisco Router Cisco2911 Sec K9 wireless bridging function, and prompt &ldquo. If IP address is failed, check whether the main router DHCP server opens &rdquo. So what's the reason? How should we solve this situation?

    , since &ldquo is indicated in the prompt information, please check whether the DHCP port of the main router is open &rdquo. The reason for the problem is most likely to appear on the DHCP server settings of the main router.

    the reason and solution of

    1, confirmed the main router DHCP server open

    TP-Link router settings WDS wireless bridging, TP-Link router LAN port IP address is the default access from the main router, if the master router DHCP server has not been opened, will lead to the TP-Link router cannot get IP address, it will prompt the &ldquo to obtain IP address; failed to check whether the DHCP open &rdquo information.

    solution: login master router management interface, Huawei Ip Espace U1960 Huawei Router in �� �� �� �� > �� DHCP server �� and ensure that the DHCP server is enabled (or automatic), as follows:


    environmental interference surroundings have more interference, such as wireless signals more, wireless wireless mouse, keyboard and other equipment, affect the communication between the TP-Link router and the main router, the router cannot cause the TP-Link to obtain IP address from the master router.

    solution: close the TP-Link router close to the main router and reduce the interference device near the Huawei Msan Smart Ma5683T , and then try again.

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