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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2017

    1, some of the more sharp feet, particularly heavy objects, prohibit direct placement on the wooden floor surface, so as not to scratch, damage the surface of the wooden floor, resulting in shortening the life of the wooden floor. When placing heavy objects, they should be kept aside as this will allow free movement of the other side of the floor and will not cause the floor to buckle. It is also necessary to protect the mat plate.

    2, usually have to keep the floor clean, clean, dust-free sand best (such as thin sand). So often need to use vacuum cleaner to absorb rubbish, to avoid the hard particles in the shoes walking, causing a scratch on the wood.

    3, corrosive liquids, acids and strong alkaline substances, such as toilet cleaners, kitchen to oil agent is not enough, high temperature liquid or objects, prohibit direct placement on the surface of the wooden floor, so as not to damage the surface. In the process of maintenance of solid wood flooring, encountered agents sprinkled to remember timely and clean.Finally, the ease of installation of the Kefil parquet is comparable to the ease of a toughened floor installation, but ease of installation does not mean that parquet can be easily paved.

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