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    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2017

    quartz floor in the case of sticky feet feel more astringent, but not easy to slip, that is, the more water astringent . Therefore, public places with high public safety requirements such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens and schools are the preferred floor decoration materials. 6, fire retardant quality Stone floor fire qualified indicators of up to B1 level, B1 level in addition to the highest natural stone outside the

    fire level, that fire performance is excellent, second only to the stone. 7, acoustic noise Quartz flooring can not be compared to ordinary floor materials, sound-absorbing effect, the sound absorption up to 20 db, so need quiet environment such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture hall, theaters and other election Stone floor, you Also do not need for high heels and the sound of the ground percussion affect

    your thinking and trouble. 8, Cutting stitching simple and easy with a good utility knife can be arbitrarily cut, at the same time can be used in different combinations of colors, give full play to the designer's ingenuity, to achieve the best decorative effect; enough to make your ground into an art Products, so that your living space become an art hall, full of artistic atmosphere. 9, quick installation and construction

    how to use for waterproofing wood deck

    wpc wall panel indonesia

    outdoor decking materials available to work

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