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    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2017

    characteristics of PVC floor adhesive, over a small family to share finished, I hope we understand the PVC floor adhesive helpful. For more decoration accessories knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home improvement network.Solar floor is a new type of decorative materials, it is energy saving, beautiful and practical, loved by many consumers. Many of my friends may not be very

    understanding of the solar floor, let's take a look at its structural features. First, the solar floor Brief introduction Solar floor by a load-carrying PV panel manufacturing, both beautiful and practical, but also energy saving. In October 2013, researchers at the George Washington University in the United States created what is known as "the world's first walkway for solar photovoltaic panels." Second, the

    structural characteristics of the solar floor 1, anti-skid In order to look beautiful and practical, and can achieve the purpose of walking, every piece of solar panels have been treated, designed to prevent skidding surface. 2, the whole board can carry heavy load 400 kg. 3. Collecting Electric Energy This sidewalk contains 27 translucent solar collectors that can collect up to 400 watts of electrical energy and

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