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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2017

    In January 2017 the trend of view, no longer insist on bearish, as a whole to see the pattern of strong concussion. The reason why the strong shock mode, mainly due to the Spring Festival approaching, although the production of small and medium-sized steel enterprises affected, but for the standard enterprises have seen, the blast furnace does not stop production, and due to lower inventory, manufacturers make more use of holiday acceptance orders now.PPGI SGCC BMT Hoja De Color Para Techos De 0,4 Mm De Espesor

    Even if the late inventory transfer to the market, but the time lag, so the recent price shock strong line. Affected side: First of all, boost the futures market, the recent two wide futures pull up, driving spot enthusiasm, the price of steel were pulled up 100-200 yuan / ton compared with the previous month. With the emergence of some merchants on the 5th Winter Storage situation, the market demand is acceptable, part of the wait and see businesses still stockpiling wait and see, but the long-term bullish pattern does not change. The company is located in:Stainless Steel Single Ring Terminal Wire Rope Fitting

    Secondly, on the supply side, affected by such factors as medium-frequency furnace and limited haze, the steel stockpile of the steel enterprises was not large years ago, coupled with the decrease of the market supply due to the discontinuation of the small factories. Although the price hunt on the 11th 200 yuan / ton, but the factory price is still steady, showing the strong will of steel firm strong, affected by this, how high spot prices firm. Even if the current steel prices appear loose, but the inventory situation, still does not support the sharp decline, it is still recommended to buy bargain-based pre-holiday. The company is located in:Cold Draw Sizes 160*160*12mm stainless steel angle bar 310s

    In terms of forecast, the supply side will continue to be tight. In the future, large steel enterprises will continue to lead the national steel price trend. Small and medium sized steel enterprises have been eliminated is inevitable. Although there are still urgent secondary problems to be solved, the general trend has been finalized. In addition, by the end of 2016, many construction sites were shut down due to smog days, causing the demand to start lagging behind. In addition, the newly approved projects were put into operation and the overall demand outlook in 207 was optimistic. These will form a strong support for the price. 2017 steel prices will be abandoned Benban three, some welcome four, 2018 will be strong Pentium five. 2016 is an extremely unsettling, extraordinary and stimulating year. For all steel industry practitioners, 2016 is really "thrilling."150x150 acero inoxidable tubo cuadrado de fabricaci´┐Ż´┐Żn china

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