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    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2017

    In addition, the soda plant crystallizer and mother liquor clarification barrel, distillation tower wall using the product excellent corrosion and waterproof effect. Product advantages: Construction can be carried out in the wet side, which is the general domestic solvent-based waterproof anti-corrosion materials difficult to work. Construction can be used within 4 wooden railing posts the construction of concrete mixing, due to the impact of objects on the construction of the base surface, an increase of adhesion of the coating on the concrete, at the same time as propionate waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials, non-toxic environment-friendly non-toxic filling mortar pores and fine cracks, Make the coating willing to have good impermeability.

    Adhesive strength 3-4 times higher than ordinary cement mortar, the flexural strength of more than 3 times higher than ordinary cement mortar, so the mortar crack better. Can be welcomed in the water, back surface, slope, shaped surface waterproof anti-corrosion moisture. Strong adhesion, will not produce hollowing, cracking, channeling water andhow to make a cheap patio floor other phenomena.Pro-condensate water-based anti-corrosion non-toxic materials can be used both waterproof and anti-corrosion, can also be used for plugging, repair. No leveling, protective layer can be completed within a day, a short construction period, low overall cost.

    Can be wet or dry grassroots construction, but the grassroots can not have running water or stagnant water. Propane condensate water-proof corrosion-resistant materials Environment-friendly non-toxic With the general availability of neoprene: excellent mechanicallife outdoor furniture uk properties, resistance to sunlight, ozone and the atmosphere, and seawater aging, oil, esters, acids, alkalis and other chemicals corrosion, heat, , Self-extinguishing, anti-deformation, anti-vibration, wear resistance, air tightness and water resistance, and the total adhesion. Non-toxic, harmless, can be used for drinking house with roof deck balcony exterior for sale malta water pool construction, construction safety, simple.

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