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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2017

    Refractories High-temperature oxide materials What is mainly composed of silicon nitride brick? Not by chance What is mainly composed of silicon nitride brick? Silicon nitride brick Silicon veranda wood composite fence nitride brick Refractory products with magnesia (MgO) and chromium oxide (Cr2O3) as main components, periclase and spinel as the main mineral components. Such brick refractory high temperature strength, resistance to alkali erosion of strong, good thermal stability of the acidic slag also have some adaptability.

    The main raw material for making silicon nitride brick is sintered magnesia and chromite. Burning silicon nitride brick production process and magnesia brick roughly the same. In order to eliminate the brick in the firing process due to MgO and Cr2O3, Al2O3 or direct bonded silicon nitride brick. Iron oxide reaction spinel generated when the expansion caused by the loose effect, but also can be synthesized using the sintered material made of reclaimed cypress ceiling beam polyurethane silicon nitride brick. In addition, there is no burned silicon nitride brick, for example, with inorganic magnesium salt solution is not burning silicon nitride brick. Not burning silicon nitride brick production process is simple, low cost, thermal stability is good, but the high temperature strength is far less than fired brick.

    This brick is characterized by pure raw materials, high firing temperatures, direct combination of high temperature phases such as periclase and spinel, low melting phase silicates and the like as an island-like distribution, thereby wood floor deck for balcony cost significantly increasing the high temperature of the brick Strength and slag resistance. With chromium ore magnesia co-grinding compacts calcined after the production of fine powder and magnesia coarse particles with the brick method is to eliminate the loose effect of effective measures.

    Silicon nitride brick made by this method, compared with ordinary silicon nitride brick, brick porosity is low, compressive strength, load softening temperature and flexural strength are high. With chrome ore - magnesite powder compacts, high temperature calcined synthetic magnesium chrome sand made of silicon nitride brick, slag resistance and high temperature strength are better than other silicon nitride brick. In addition, there are cast kiln fused magnesia-chrome cast aluminum ingots directly cast fused silicon nitride brick fused with magnesia chrome materials according to brick production process of the cheap fencing panels for sale combined re-bonded silicon nitride brick.

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