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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2017

    Process to achieve high-quality waterproofing four methods is what? In the choice of concealed works of waterproof material, many consumers do not have a clear concept, combined with a lot of composite deck boards canada cohabitation waterproof brand on the market, making it difficult to choose, it is easy to lay the hidden trouble for the waterproof accident.

    Here are four ways to pick out a good waterproof material to make waterproof. Waterproof waterproofing materials to be selected Good brand "crooked" material waterproof short, and long-term volatile benzene, xylene and other toxic carcinogens, leading to housing leakage and indoor cheap field fencing pollution is the main reason. Consumers should choose the reliable quality, good reputation, well-known brands of waterproof material, do not give "crooked" waterproof material to take advantage of the machine.

    Waterproof construction site to a comprehensive bathroom floor, wall (waterproof layer height not less than 1.8 meters, to prevent splashing water, mist infiltration into the wall, resulting in damp wall next door), kitchen and balcony floor, wall High not less than 0.3 meters), should be fully waterproofing. Waterproof layer to be thick enough to plastic supplier manila philippines reduce the thickness of the waterproof layer is the usual tricks to cut corners. Waterproof layer should be thick enough to withstand the long-term erosion of domestic wastewater, acid, alkali and chlorine in rainwater. Regular manufacturers of waterproof materials will be marked on the product packaging construction thickness and dosage, should be strictly followed. Completed must be closed water experiment Waterproof construction is completed, feudal sewer, water 24 to 72 hours, check for leaks. Waterproofing is an important hidden project in interior decoration, but also built in patio bench plans the hardest hit by jerry-building.

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