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    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2017

    The effect of filler on the flexural strength of adhesives at room temperature The room-temperature flexural strength of different filler-reinforced sodium silicate adhesives are in the order of quartz semi trailer plastic deck boards powder-containing powder system> mica powder-containing powder system> kaolin-containing powder system> refractory clay- That is, the higher the SiO2 content in the filler, the greater the bending strength at room temperature of the corresponding adhesive.

    This is because the higher the SiO2 content is, the stronger the hydrogen bonding bridging between the silicate framework in the water glass adhesive and the bending exterior deck flooring options strength at room temperature of the corresponding adhesive are also larger and larger. Thus, water glass adhesive bending strength at room temperature and filler SiO2 content is closely related. 1.2 Filler on the high temperature strength of the adhesive residual rate From Table 2, Table 3 shows: different filler enhanced water glass adhesive strength at 600 �� residual rate followed by quartz outdoor engineered wood manufacturers nigeria powder-containing system & lt; containing cast powder & lt; containing mica powder & lt; Containing kaolin system & lt; Fire-resistant clay system, i.e.

    the higher the Al2O3 content in the filler, the greater the residual strength at high temperature strength. This is because the Al2O3 framework is not easily damaged in high temperature environment, its temperature resistance is superior to SiO2, so the corresponding adhesive high temperature composite decks for sale in edinburgh strength residual rate increases with the increase of Al2O3 content.

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