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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2017

    In the production of cement, phosphate fertilizer and other production, the ball mill is used to use the lining board and the lining brick of the kiln to use the casting steel, not only the cost is high, but also the service life is limited, directly affects the production cost decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to study wear-resistant white cast iron to replace the cast steel.

    There are two main types of wear of ball mill lining and iron forging: one is chisel wear and the other is high stress wear. Claim to chisel cutting wear, lining board can absorb a certain amount of impact load, wear of high stress, the lining board surface hardness is as high as possible, to resist the pressures of abrasive, reduce surface embrittlement falls off phenomenon.

    Ball mill liner, iron forging and kiln lining brick, because of the impact of abrasive, because of its wear form mainly due to high stress wear. Therefore, when selecting materials, mainly consider the hardness of the material to improve its wear resistance. The wear resistance of cast iron is mainly determined by the number of lysium in the tissue, and the larger the volume of leeles in the organization, the greater the hardness.

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