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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2017

    Great Wall heavy industry, as a professional research and development manufacturer of domestic crusher equipment, has made a great breakthrough in the field. Cone crusher has the characteristics of crushing ratio, high efficiency, high handling capacity, low operating cost, convenient operation and economy. Cone crusher is divided into standard type and short head type.

    The short head type of broken cone is steeper, which is small to the grain size, which is beneficial to the production of fine grain grade material, which is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of ore. The cone crusher is extruded to realize the crushing operation of the material, and the crushing of the laminate is relatively low for wear-resistant parts of the equipment. Less wearing parts of crusher itself, unlike counterattack crusher, vertical impact crusher equipment, these devices may be cost is not high, but hard rock broken parts loss will be very big.

    Cone crusher crusher is the commonly used equipment on the market, through the improvement of the technology, a new generation of cone crusher has gained recognition, the equipment is relatively perfect in technology, not only in various industry's performance is very good also, cone crusher technology to improve and enhance also follows the law of development of low carbon environmental protection, promote the progress of the crusher industry.

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