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    What are the main chemical elements? What is the main chemical element of refractory material? 1 According to the content and role of various chemical components in refractory materials, they are usually recycled plastic edging supplier divided into three categories: main components, impurities and added components. The main component refractory materials in the main component refers to the vast majority of the high temperature properties of materials play a decisive role in the chemical composition.

    The reason why refractories have excellent resistance to high temperatures and many refractories have their own characteristics, completely or international developments in composite decking essentially depending on the main composition. Therefore, the main components of refractory materials, must be given full attention. Generally, the classification of refractory materials by chemical composition and the classification of many refractory materials of the same material into several grades are, or are mostly, based on the type of the main component and its content.

    Refractory materials can be used as the main components are high melting point of high lattice energy or high temperature decomposition of simple substances or compounds. Requires it in therecyclable internal board sizes production of refractory materials or service process can form a stable and excellent performance of minerals, high reserves in nature and easier to extract and use. In the crust are more distributed, as the main component of refractory material is mainly oxide. In addition, there are some carbide, nitride, silicide and boride, but also can be used as the main component of refractory materials. Impurities Impurities refers to the refractory material is different from the main ingredient, content is small and the refractory material resistance to high temperature properties are often diy wpc walkway floor finland harmful to the chemical composition.

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