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    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2017

    This chemical composition and more from the main ingredients of the entrained material. Refractory impurities in some of the fugitives, and some have a high melting point, but coexist with the main ingredients, but it can produce a fusible material. Therefore, the presence of impurities is often the main component of the role of strong flux. Although the role of fluxCheapest Garden Floor helps to liquid phase sintering of materials, but the material to resist high temperature but there is a serious hazard. The stronger the fluxing effect is, the lower the temperature at which the liquid phase begins to form in the system, or the more the liquid phase is formed, or the faster the liquid phase increases as the temperature increases due to the impurities, and the resulting liquid The lower the viscosity and the better the wettability, the more serious the harm.

    In addition, when the impurities and the main component coexist, if the resulting liquid cheap way to install roof under deck viscosity is low, and the viscosity decreases with increasing temperature, the faster the wettability and the better the damage to the refractory material. Therefore, to improve the refractory resistance to high temperature performance, we must strictly control the content of impurities.

    Commonly referred to as the additive ingredients admixture, is in refractory products for the specific purpose of adding a small amount of additional ingredients. Such as to promote the formation and transformation of certain phases in the material, and join the mineralizer; To inhibit the formation of certain materials in the material, and the addition of inhibitors or stabilizers; In order to promote the sintering of materials, and joined Flux, etc. In short, in the production of refractories, adding a small amount of admixture can change the composition and structure of the material to a certain extent, thus how to change color of composite deck board facilitating the production and obtaining the desired properties of the product.

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