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    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2017

    Regular oil to the floor can (usually once a month) so that the floor can be a long time to keep light, although the floor has been used for some time although gray, but the floor itself, the original paint without major damage, in this case, We are the floor once every two months, a wooden floor spirits, depending on the circumstances may be two months after the first maintenance of a floor can restore the original light, the floor paint more serious can not be restored to the original shiny , We give the floor to do ultra-bright or colored treatment, serious wear and tear on the floor paint has hurt the floor itself, we consider that the ground floor worn away 0.5 mm to floor painted, waxed.

    Due to improper long-term cleaning, we live in a heavily polluted city, the floor is extremely adapt to the environment of bacterial survival, so the floor should be cleaned and sterilized in time to ensure the health of family.The use of large floor renovation machinery several times to remove the paint grinding, surface, wood layer of about 0.5 mm, and then carefully sanding the floor surface so smooth, smooth to a new state. The corner of the floor is polished using a small angle grinder to achieve an overall smoothing effect.

    The original edge of the transparent putty removed, re-sealed, and then the whole floor sealed primer, to be dried. To be primer dry, brush the first time top coat, to be dry. More than 300 mesh gauze carefully polished to the surface slightly rough, remove dust, brush the second floor finish. Brush three or four times according to the above program, the last pass without grinding. To be the last time after the finish dry paint the floor wax can be.

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