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    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2017

    Once in a while to play the wax, the time interval depends on the finish finish of the floor. The method is to first clean the floor with a semi-dry rag and wax. Apply evenly to the floor surface and "saturate" it. Wipe it back and forth with a soft cloth until it is smooth and clear.

    Solid wood (plastic) floor surface coated with protective wax, isolated from air, water, dust after curing, easy to clean, to prevent wear and tear, thereby prolonging the service life can play a non-slip, anti-static effect; waxing by the professionals, Uniform, moderate thickness, bright and beautiful.

    Wood floor polish: solid wood flooring or laminate flooring surface evenly spray a layer of polish, and then repeatedly polished steel wool several times the effect is very clear, not only bright and beautiful and can handle minor scratches and can play a non-slip, Anti-static effect.

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