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    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2017
    In the life of nobility in the Tang Dynasty, silver smoked ball was commonly used. Before the Tang Dynasty smoked ball kind has not been found.
    [url=]Mobile phone shell vacuum plating machine[/url]"Xijing miscellanies" volume records: "Changan clever Ding gentleman, as often full of lights ... and for lying incense burner, a was incense burner. To transport the machine for four weeks, while the furnace often flat, can be placed bedding, so that name.
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    It has two concentric rings (also three) between its spherical shell and the centrally located hemispherical furnace. The furnace body has short shafts at both ends in the radial direction and is supported by two radial holes in the inner ring for free rotation. In the same way, the inner ring rests on the outer ring and the outer ring rests on the inner wall of the spherical shell. The furnace body, the inner ring, the outer ring and the supporting axis of the inner wall of the housing are in turn perpendicular to each other. Furnace body due to the role of gravity, no matter how the ball shell roll, the mouth always maintain a horizontal state. In the earliest record of incense burner seen in West Han Sima Xiangru made "Beauty Fu." In 1963, the Tang Dynasty silverware unearthed in Shapo Village, Xi'an was about 50mm in diameter of censer furnace, which was made of fine and engraved elegance. Being a censer is not only an art trek, but also an important creation from the point of view of institutional science.
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