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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2017

    Plastic heat-resistant maleimide-based heat-resistant modifier DENKAIPMS-NB Maleimide-based heat-resistant modifier Mr. He Maleimide-based heat-resistant modifier DENKA IP is a styrene , N-phenylmaleimide, maleic anhydrideplastic decking growth copolymer (SMI), has high heat resistance and excellent thermal stability. Uses: Used as heat-resistant ABS heat-resistant modifier. Traditional ��-methyl is a very popular heat-resistant ABS raw material, but recently SMI-based maleimide ABS has become more popular than a-methyl-based heat-resistant ABS 2) - Phenyl maleimide monomer process more affordable, as heat-resistant ABS modifier material, very cost-effective.

    used as ABS / engineering plastic alloy resin compatibilizer. DENKA IP contains a small amount of maleic anhydride (MAH), which reacts with the compozit wood decking manufacturers in greece amino groups in PA6 or hydroxyl groups in polycarbonate and polyester to improve the properties of ABS / engineering plastic alloy resins. It is widely used as an ABS heat-resistant modifier when mixed with SAN resin over a wide range.

    As a compatibilizing agent for ABS / PA, Polyester (PC), it contains an active maleic anhydride group. Examples of use Improve the heat resistance of ABS Improve the strength of PA6 / ABS alloy 1, Heat ABS, improve the heat resistance of ABS 2, For ABS / engineering plastic polymer alloy, improve the strength of PA6 / ABS alloy DENKA IP Grade Rating MS-NAMS-NBMS-NHMS-L2A Performance General Purpose General Flow Good General High Flow Easy Complex Highly Reactive ABS Thermal Resistance Modifier portable decorative patio fence Polymer Alloys Modified.

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