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    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2017
    When the industrial furnace is designed or improved, a new type of energy-saving furnace and energy saving refractory should be chosen according to the requirements of the production process. The furnace structure is an innate condition for the heating furnace to save energy or not. Therefore, the energy saving needs of the reheating furnace should be considered as much as possible when the furnace is built. New or modified furnace structure, to make the fuel burn as much as possible in the furnace, fuel combustion and combustion space are the appropriate time in the furnace, reduce the heat loss of exhaust flue gas furnace; as much as possible will waste heat recovery of flue gas to the furnace to improve the utilization coefficient of furnace fuel; as far as possible to reduce the heat loss of the furnace, improve the heat efficiency of furnace. In order to optimize the structure of the furnace, improve the utilization of energy and the degree of mechanical automation, the current energy saving measures are usually adopted in the following aspects.[url=]Mini Electric Rotary Vane Air Conditioning Vacuum Pump[/url]
    Thermal test of industrial furnace[url=]vacuum carburizing furnace[/url]
    There must be a scientific measurement and comparison test method for energy saving. At present, the method of testing is generally used to test the heat balance. Through thermal determination of industrial furnace, a comprehensive understanding of the thermal process of industrial furnace, heating furnace, analysis the diagnosis of "illness", to find out the cause, to carry out energy-saving technological transformation, to further improve the thermal efficiency of the heating furnace, and the decrease of energy consumption per unit, through the parameters of heating furnace technology economic performance index. Analysis of the operation of the heating furnace, adjust the furnace operating conditions, to achieve the best running state, find effective ways and direction of energy conservation[url=] industrial single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps[/url]
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