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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2017

    Waterproof home is characterized by small area, wall roots, corners, nozzle, floor drain more. The general should not use the membrane waterproofing, application of a variety of waterproof coating and rigid plastic rooftop pavers systems reviews waterproof material for construction. There are many varieties of waterproof material that can be used at home, and the quality is also very different.

    Commonly used in the market are mostly black tar tar coating, containing solvents, the smell is larger, although the unit price is lower, but the amount of square meters up to 3 ~ 4kg, the total cost is not low. And the construction of the grass-roots must be dry, wet construction if the bonding is not strong. Some materials will also long-term distribution of harmful odor. Waterproof construction of the scope of the pool deck used wpc determination: Under normal circumstances, the ground should be fully done, wall roots and tubs should be turned over 200mm above the wall around the shower should be 1.9m high.

    Waterproof Po door must be used to start a "threshold", the height of the floor with the door flat to prevent the indoor water out of the door, when the outdoors is a wooden floor, it should be carefully constructed. For the transformation of lanka tile latest desingn the old kitchen and bathroom, such as knocking down the old wall tiles, mortar can be used to re-leveling layer can also be directly used waterproofing plaster smooth and paste the wall tiles.

    For the renovation of new kitchens and bathrooms, a closed-water test should first be conducted on the ground to determine if a new waterproofing layer is required. The method is to build a door 20cm high threshold, all the drain to cloth plug live, store 5 ~ 10cm deep water for 24 hours to observe whether there is a leakage downstairs and surrounding rooms, if leakage, you must diy composite wooden fences outdoor Re-waterproof leak-proof processing.

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