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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2017

    1, to ensure the laying of materials drying, laying the floor, to ensure that the concrete or insulation sound insulation materials, if not dry, it must be dried before laying the floor.

    2, the floor moisture content, control the water content of the floor, the moisture content of not more than 12%. If you encounter humid world, remember to open the window ventilation to avoid the floor due to the humid air caused by bulging. Reserved expansion joints, floor laying, shop to the wall, should leave 2 cm gap as a contraction joint. Between the wood surface layer and the wall should leave 1Omm gap, with skirting or skirting cover.

    3, section, if the floor area is too large, pavement, it should be sub-paved. If you encounter a room shop, the buckle at the door to install buckle. Clean the ground, before installing the floor, the ground clean, do not leave any foreign body.

    4, set the vent, wood joist should be connected to the hole slot, and the floor surface vents connected to the floor surface vents each not less than two, skirting vent on each side of not less than two, vents Should be kept open to facilitate the flow of air. Floor care, try to use a more dry mop mop, if water splashed to the ground, as soon as possible to clean up the water stains.

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