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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2017

    Practice shows that the reheating furnace, compared with the traditional pusher type reheating furnace has many advantages: the gap between the billet, billet heating can be realized by heating, good quality steel, uniform heating temperature; heating speed, billet short residence time, to reduce the oxidation loss that is conducive to easy decarburization steel on the decarburized depth control; flexible operation, can move forward and backward and steps, can change the loading distance, control output of industrial furnace; production capacity, production capacity and more flexible, is not affected by the thickness of the billet furnace and shape control, not arch furnace; continuous casting billet hot charging for production coordination the.

    Masonry made of refractory materials in the furnace

    In order to increase the radiant heat exchange area of the billet, the area of the furnace wall and the top surface of the furnace is increased under the original furnace space, and the radiant heat transfer area is enhanced. A proper partition wall in the furnace can stabilize furnace pressure, control furnace gas flow, control furnace temperature, reduce flue gas overflow, reduce exhaust gas temperature and reduce furnace suction cold air. Therefore, according to the actual situation of refractory masonry added in the furnace, has obvious effect on energy saving of industrial furnace, the Tianjin iron steel company Dong Yi practical operation proves that this method can achieve energy saving, improvement of billet heating effect.

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