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    There are a few good and relatively inexpensive uniques for leveling in Path of Exile. Wurms Molt/Slither pinch completely take care of resource issues you may have leveling. Mixing a bright beak with a mightflay is enough to carry your dps into the late 60s.

    Aim for primarily armor and evasion gear, as energy shield does not scale on this build at all.

    Chest - Bringer of Rain does not allow us to use a chest piece. If you don't have BoR, aim for a normal HP, Evasion/Armor high resist 5L or 6L chest piece.

    Amulet/Rings - Go for high resists and HP first with at least 1%-2% life leech and mana leech between all of them. You can also get leech from gloves. Once you have good HP/Resists you can start looking for % attack speed and x-x physical damage as a bonus.

    Boots - Resists, HP, Movement speed.

    Belt - Try to get a rustic sash with high resists and HP. A rustic sash gives you % physical damamge.

    Helmet - Aim for a Bringer of Rain. It is by far the most important item in this build. You can get away with a standard high HP, high resist helmet as a temporary until you get one.

    Gloves - Go for attack speed, HP, resists, physical damage. You don't need one of everything. HP and resists are your primary concern.

    Weapons - Your concern here is high attack speed and high PHYSICAL damage. Elemental damage on weapons does absolutely nothing for this build. Both swords, axes and claws work well. This build does not have any weapon specific nodes on it, so you can mix and match.

    Path of Exile is rich, complex, and full of fascinating mechanics. As with all expansions, this one will be completely free. If you've never tried Path of Exile before, now is a great time to jump in. Do not want to lag behind others, you can buy cheap PoE currency on our website.
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