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    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2017

    National major steel inventory changes in the data show that as of February 10 the week, the national total steel stocks totaled 15,788,000 tons, an increase of 2,303,900 tons over the previous week, up 17.06%; last month is an increase of 5.5758 million tons, or up 54 %. Among them, the national stock of 8,209,600 tons of rebar, an increase of 1,236,400 tons compared with last week, compared with the end of last month, a substantial increase in inventories 3.0964 million tons.Fabricante De China De 2B BA Bobina De Acero Inoxidable

    Wire, inventory 2.47 million tons, compared with last week, inventory increased 467,300 tons, an increase of 11.748 million tons from the previous month. In addition, the release of the social inventory of steel in January shows that the social inventory of the steel products of the five major categories in 20 cities in China has dropped for three consecutive months and has risen somewhat. Among them, the rebar stocks 3.78 million tons, an increase of 532,000 tons the previous month, an increase of 16.4%. During the Spring Festival, steel enterprises started to maintain a slight increase and optimistic sentiments of traders, resulting in significant accumulation of finished steel products in the middle reaches.Competitive price aluminum diamond sheet for sale 4x8ft sheet

    Last week, steel social inventories increased by 2.3 million tons ring to 15.78 million tons, the level not only higher than the high inventories in 2016, compared with the 2015 inventory high only a difference of 200,000 tons, with the current steady increase in steel prices and off-season The continuation of demand, 2017, the highest social steel stocks will exceed 17 million -1800 million tons, reaching nearly three-year high inventory levels. On the one hand, as the price of iron ore and coke increases, the cost of billet continues to increase.Best selling austenitic stainless steel seamless pipe Gr. 317

    At present, the price of mineral powder Qian'an 740 yuan / ton, compared with the previous significant increase, it is rough calculated that the current cost of steel billet equivalent to about cost 2550-2650 yuan / ton, and the current mainstream of the mainstream of ordinary billet price of 3050 yuan / Ton compared to the actual profit steel prices 400 to 500 yuan / ton. On the other hand, Tangshan finished product prices rose. Limited by the environmental protection and futures led the region's strip, profile and pipe actively pull up, specifically, the profile price is 3420 from the offer price adjustment to 3440 and then to 3460 price adjustment again to 3480 and additional price adjustment to 3500 final price adjustment to 3520, one day quote rose 6 times.Bobina de condensador de acero inoxidable laminado en fr��o de 201 spcc

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