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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2017

    Modern home decoration not only pay attention to solid, practical, but also as much as possible beautiful, humane consideration. In the traditional concept, the bathroom can only use waterproof, moisture-resistant tiles, the new waterproof wallpaper on the market is designed specifically for the bathroom and design. The wallpaper not only waterproof, but also has best fencing prices many advantages, such as sound insulation, energy saving, making the end of the tile-dominated era. Waterproof wallpaper features According to reports, the reason why the wallpaper is waterproof because the paper-based PVC, and the surface is also thick PVC material. Splashes of water, gently wipe to clean.

    Repeated by the water soaked will not appear as normal wallpaper fade, fall off and other issues. In addition, this wallpaper also has noise, energy saving and other characteristics. Can greatly reduce the sound of the bathroom shower, to ensure that the living room, bedroom floating wood deck over concrete quiet environment. Wallpaper rich color, so that users feel warm, comfortable and warm. Buy waterproof wallpaper There are many stresses as waterproof wallpaper waterproof decorative materials, but the industry to remind consumers that the waterproof wallpaper on the market now and then, as far as possible to choose a high degree of brand, quality of service good business.

    At the time of purchase to ask about product features, such as pavement construction process, auxiliary material and the product itself, water resistance, stability and other features plastic lumber fencing boards suppliers in south africa meet the sanitary needs of special space. Waterproof wallpaper due to containing special materials, whether to meet the environmental standards deserve careful choice of consumers. If the waterproof wallpaper is not environmentally friendly, high temperature in the bathroom environment, more than 10 times higher than normal indoor environmental pollution, pose a threat to human health. In addition, the waterproof wallpaper is not absolutely waterproof, professionals suggest that if it is used in the bathroom, the best bathroom can be separated from the relative "wet and dry areas", as far as possible composite porch flooring australia in the "dry area" using waterproof wallpaper.

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