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    User can easily get the preview of all the scanned images, documents, videos, music and more before recovery. This Wondershare MAC Data Recovery can get everything back, no matter you have deleted your data or formatted your drive. You can recover all the data of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch if it is synced with iTunes backup.
    Use Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is designed to get back all your images, documents, videos, images, emails and archive files lost because of improper operation, deleting, and formatting and virus infection.It helps to get back all the lost data from SD card, hard drive, mobile phone, USB drive, iPod, Mobile phone, MP4 player, MP3 player, or digital camera. Read more :-
    Situations where data is accidentally deleted or lost due to hard drive formatting or corruption create extensive panic. The common misconception is that deleted file is permanently gone; however, this assumption is quite wrong. Only the address of the file is removed by the operating system from the address table. This means that the file still resides on your hard drive. The information is retrievable as long as the drive has not yet overwritten.

    First, stop working on Mac to avoid data overwrites. Every change made on the hard drive is a potential overwrite. Second, use a reliable utility for Macintosh file recovery. Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Retrieval is an easy to install application for retrieving lost or deleted files. After the utility has been installed, you are now ready to begin salvaging files on your Mac.

    Mac data recovery doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming, or only done by a professional. It is easy to recover any files that has not been overwritten yet by completing the above steps with Stellar Phoenix Macintosh File Retrieval program. These four steps will get you exactly where you need to be:

    1. Configure the recovery.
    2. Scan the volume.
    3. Choose the files to salvage.
    4. Sit back while the utility does the rest.

    Click here for a detailed tutorial:
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