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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2017

    Transparent PC Flame Retardant Plastic Industry Encyclopedia of the national bulk supply of transparent PC flame retardant building materials such as PC flame retardant performance requirements. In addition, the hot Plastic Tiles Floor Home For sale In Ghana melt dripping from the PC during burning can easily cause nearby materials to catch fire. To this end, the PC must be modified flame retardant.

    At present, the flame retardant commonly used in PC is mainly divided into bromine, organophosphorus, silicon, sulfonate, boron and the like. Bromine-based flame retardants have been gradually restricted because of their environmental pollution. Phosphorus flame retardants added in large quantities: 10% -30%, the majority of the decomposition temperature is relatively low, easy to corrosion mold, and some will affect the resin impact strength, even worse at higher temperatures will lead to yellow PC material Organic phosphorus flame retardants are generally used for alloys. Organosilicon compounds are considered as a highly efficient, non-toxic, low-smoke, environmentally friendly concrete floor design patterns flame retardant.

    But the higher cost, often with other flame retardant compound used. Boron flame retardant flame retardant efficiency is not high, usually only with polysiloxane and can achieve better results. - Flame retardants generally flame retardant mechanism can be divided into: gas-phase flame retardant, which inhibits the reaction in the combustion chain growth from the role of free radicals; 2, condensed phase flame retardant, that is, in the solid phase to terminate plastic sheeting for boat floor the thermal decomposition of the polymer and Prevent the polymer from releasing combustible gas

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