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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2017

    Found in the glue machine leak and lead to glass plastic bubble, slight leakage, can be screwed through the rubber pump screwed, especially if the leak must be replaced by a new beating pump or replace the worn Gasket. non-standard construction caused by the bubble: In general, this situation with the plastic is too fast, so this situation must bubble injection pressure buy decorative plastic fencing moderate, the sealant should be mixed in one direction after the glue, squeeze plastic action Should be continuous, uniform, glue gun moving speed to always ensure that the glue in the mouth of the extrusion prevail, that is, "push the plastic" movement.

    to solve the hand-mixed glue bubble measures: hand-mixed glue must be mixed evenly, mixed with one direction along the mix, the bubble introduced by the method at least, two-component glue fully mixed with a plastic scraper Try to squeeze thin, squeeze out bubbles. 6, sealed glass plastic products use the regular production of a higher level of modular swimming pool decks technology manufacturers, otherwise it may lead to the sealant products have been wrapped in the factory before the bubble, resulting in hollow glass plastic in the construction of the phenomenon of bubbles.

    hollow plastic glass in the barrel improper will cause bubbles, so we have to take a standardized barrel replacement method, such as: open the exhaust valve after the barrel, the pressure plate to discharge all the gas, and a small amount of plastic from the row Air spill, and close the exhaust valve, and then boot plastic. 8, After the construction of glass glue was exposed to produce bubbles, so it is best to allow the glue after a period of curing, the surface has crust, with a certain degree of anti-sun plastic walls for outdoor tents and porches ability, in this case, the possibility of foam glass bubble smaller.

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