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    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2017

    Commonly used "three oil two felt" (three asphalt two felt paper, and then wipe a layer of cement above, to prevent the release of harmful gases); simple method is to shop a layer of moisture-proof membrane.

    By installing to balance the plate expansion: Some in the keel plus a layer of hair floor, some installation requirements leave 0.2mm wide gap between the plates, and some require the four corners of the room to leave a flap to put moisture, and some require the wall Floor expansion joints with a spring, and some aluminum alloy keel, and some use orbital wooden floor installation methods.

    Moisture-proof plate processing methods: the back of the mouth-mouth paint, waxing, aluminum-covered, coated with nano-technology and so on.

    In general, paint discoloration mainly refers to the varnish color. Varnish was originally colorless transparent or very pale yellow, discoloration became brown or black. Color paint also has the phenomenon of discoloration, mainly for the color of light color paint darker.

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