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    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2017

    Appropriate floor waxing can play a moisture, damage prevention, increase the surface brightness and easy cleaning, but if the waxing frequency is too frequent, will cause damage to the floor. Frequent waxing will lead to wax scale wax overlay, and the wax layer between the two ash layer, affecting the waxing effect.

    Spring indoor should maintain a certain temperature and humidity, in general, the temperature should be below 28 ℃, the humidity maintained at 50% to 70% of the best, not less than 40%. This temperature and humidity allows the wooden floor to maintain a relatively stable state, if the natural humidity can not, you can use the humidifier humidification.

    If inadvertently a large area of ​​flooding or local blisters, or water retention, should promptly dry with a dry cloth, and make the floor dry naturally, should not use the electric heater to dry or in the sun exposure. In addition, do not use corrosive liquids such as benzine and soapy water to clean the floor surface.

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