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    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2017

    If it is relatively small traces, we can use wood floor oil repair methods, we have an article in front of you once introduced wood floor oil, wood floor oil is mainly an aromatic substance, is from the plant Extracted from the wood can reduce and repair some of the fine lines marks, wood floor if the damage is not too much, then gently with wood floor oil painting, can effectively reduce the solid wood floor scars, which is also the most simple One of the means of wood flooring repair.

    Solid wood flooring renovation is also a good choice. If the solid wood flooring is used for too long, we can carry out the renovation of solid wood flooring for floor repair, solid wood flooring renovation is an effective floor repair method, almost all solid wood floor repair defects. The method used is to use a solid wood floor refinishing machine for the surface of solid wood flooring has been polished surface, remove the scars, and then re-painted. This solid wood flooring repair method is outstanding, you can make solid wood flooring brand new look.

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