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    not blindly seek cheap, but to buy less than the market price of 'cheap board' Eventually make their own interests by unnecessary abuse. No matter what the price of floor products,gazebo built onto existing deck post quality should be guaranteed, the indicators must meet the national standard. Recent laminate flooring production costs continue to increase the cost of raw materials, operating costs, installation services and accessories costs and other factors,[url=]how to build a raised flower bed with landscape timbers[/url] the experts suggest that consumers buy the normal price of 70 yuan per square meter and above the laminate flooring, laminate flooring The price of less than 70 yuan per square meter of regular manufacturers would be unprofitable,

    ultra-low-cost floor is very likely to 'cut corners.' Experts point out that the floor quality is good or bad performance in the substrate, color grainy paper,outdoor playroom flooring wear-resistant layer and product size accuracy of several aspects. High-quality laminate flooring selected binder base material is melamine, and the production of 'weird smell board' (as the name implies such boards can volatilize the smell of irritating odor) manufacturers choose the most binding agent for urea-formaldehyde glue , Due to its low production technology, poor choice of substrate,[url=]how to make decorative screen[/url] the volatile gases emitted by its products, including formaldehyde unit volume exceeds or seriously exceed the

    national limit (China's latest regulations for formaldehydepound in plastic flower bed edging emission standards floor is not higher than 1.5 mg / Rise). Laminate flooring is a high technological requirements of the need for large-scale production of modern industrial products, has a high technical content, and cheap 'workshop board' of the manufacturer process is unstable, the lack of some important process, resulting in product splicing Bite unqualified,[url=]decking post onto slab[/url] such as sheet curling effect. Laminate flooring should be based on a dedicated high-density board for the substrate, while the low price of 'bran core board' is a low-cost low-cost MDF, particle board as a production material, the substrate

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