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    • CommentAuthorkathryn
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2018
    The ultrafine mill has good performance in milling, especially in the aspect of ultrafine powder. Because the ultrafine grinding mill particle size is two more precise than that of the machine, the powder has been grinded repeatedly before coming out, and the discharge is more suitable for users.

    When used, there are many requirements for the ultrafine mill, so as to ensure the user's production needs. But after two users' reflection, the machine will not produce powder when operating the ultrafine mill. What is the reason for this? This must be a fault which causes the abnormal production of the machine.

    In order to solve the problem, find the source of the accident first, which is the key to solving the problem. Then, in the search for the problem to be comprehensive, but also in accordance with the specific conditions to deal with, according to the phenomenon of powder, we should start from two aspects.
    In order to solve the failure of ultrafine grinding equipment that can not produce powder, it is first to check whether the lower feeder is not strict. Because two kinds of ultrafine grinding equipment adopts circulating air and achieves the goal of gas solid separation through cyclone separator, while the cyclone separators must remain closed when both positive and negative pressure exist simultaneously. Therefore, in the process of winnowing out the fault powder, can solve a problem by blanking sealing mouth of cyclone separator.

    In actual production, users will use double blanking devices two times, and then adopt the principle of single stage circular seal, so that two will not fail to get out of powder, so that production can be carried out normally.
    However, when the powder nozzle is sprayed out of the inlet of the ultra-fine grinding equipment, it is caused by the poor ventilation of the dust collector. Because of the principle of circulating air, during the grinding process of mill, two heat will be generated, and the amount of heat and excess air must be discharged through the bag filter.

    In this process, if the dust of mill dust and gas can not be discharged, so these will be discharged from the feed inlet, resulting in the feed opening outward dusting phenomenon, the failure to pass a regular cleaning dust bag, or by automatic pulse filter method to solve.
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