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    Creating a small garden arbor is an easy task, with costs becoming significantly less if the homeowner is patient enough to shop around and compare prices, particularly for pressure-treated lumber. Other items that may vary slightly across discount stores in price terms are deck screws, scrap lumber, crushed stone or gravel, washers, bolts and nuts. The same principles apply to building larger arbors, although some ideas and items would tend to increase in scale. As an example, using two posts for a small arbor may mean using four posts for a large one, as a bigger arbor would need greater support for strength and stability, and also to enhance alignment.

    3. Designing a Garden Arbor: Some Do-It-Yourself Fundamentals

    - To stabilize the arbor, the homeowner should have the main posts of the structure sunk into concrete poured into holes below the garden's ground level.

    - The carpenter's level is used to determine if the posts stand at equal heights. The tool is also used to establish plumpness, or if the posts are vertical 'level.'

    - Wooden crosspieces in varying measurements can be attached perpendicular to the posts for further support.

    - Since some rejects still make their way to lumber stores, one should be patient enough to sort through many boards until a good quality board is found.

    - Buyers should remember that conventional measurements are not exact: a 4 by 4 may actually measure 3.5 by 3.5, while 2 by 4 may measure 1.5 by 3.5.

    - The same consideration for post height must also be given, as part of the arbor posts will be underground. Galvanized post anchors is one option homeowners have if they intends to make use of the post's full height - or have all posts above ground level - for their garden.

    4. Tools For Do-It-Yourself Projects

    These will actually cost a lot more if one does not have the necessary tools at home for building garden arbors.

    - Circular saw or handsaw - Stepladder - Wheelbarrow - Hammer - Wrench - Spade bit - Garden hose - Carpenter's level - Shovel - Drill - File - Wood chisel

    5. Building Tips

    - Arbor boards can already be pre-drilled and pre-cut as a time-saving step.

    - The wooden crosspieces can be designed at the ends. Patterns can be drawn using a pencil and later cut using a jigsaw.

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