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    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2018

    bamboo, not mixed with chopped bamboo, miscellaneous pieces of debris and other debris, or not only the bonding strength is not good, heavy bamboo floor itself will be poor strength. 6, formaldehyde-free taste after heavy bamboo floor formaldehyde emission should reach E1 level, with snuff weight bamboo flooring, feel irritating smell, such as feeling irritating eyes and throat, formaldehyde release may be

    higher. 7, uniform color tone In addition to antique heavy bamboo flooring, heavy bamboo flooring color should be uniform, allowing a slight color difference does not affect the decorative effect exists. 8, the control of moisture content Because of different humidity, buy bamboo flooring moisture content standards are not the same, we must pay attention to the adaptability of water content on the ground. There

    are a lot of untreated and shoddy bamboo flooring on the market today. Very susceptible to moisture, moisture, bamboo flooring installed for some time after the black, tarnished, shrinkage deformation, purchase should be carefully identified. 9, insects mildew to prevent heavy buy bamboo flooring should emphasize the quality control of anti-mold mildew. Without strict effects pest control, anti-mildew agent

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