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    After the Huawei Ar207 Wireless Router Fxo Fxs 3G Hotspot Wifi Router password is set, the device will automatically remember, such as mobile phones or computers. After a long time, we will inevitably forget, after we forget, how do we find it?

    method 1: retrieve

    through computer records. First, if your WiFi is wired to connect to a laptop computer, it's very simple. Click on the network connection on the lower right corner of the computer, right-click, click the attribute, check the password to see it.


    note: mobile phone through the back part of the mobile phone does not have this function, if you WiFi only connected to the mobile phone, now some mobile phone also has WiFi password sharing function, extended details behind the WiFi click on the share will be the emergence of a two-dimensional code, let your friends to scan the two-dimensional code can be connected the network.

    method three: by this method for the

    root to find people who do not know how root is best not to try, if the above two methods can not be achieved to use the comparison method of Huawei Msan Smart Ma5600T Olt, you need to get a mobile phone root privileges, one is to download the WiFi connection manager to the mobile phone, and then use the password function (WiFi requires root permission); another is to check the

    system files in the data/misc/wifi folder wpa_supplicant.conf file &rdquo by RE file manager; psk=” behind the show is the password.

    method four: through the router back premise

    this method is that you can log in to the router, and determine the computer circuit breaker connected, open the browser on the computer, enter the IP address of the router &ldquo in the browser address bar;” enter (a router IP is the default).

    enter the username, password (generally admin) in the pop-up router login box and enter the router.

    clicks on the &ldquo in the left column of the router setting interface; wireless set ”.

    clicks on &ldquo in the open menu; wireless security sets ”

    in wireless security settings on the right side of the window, click 1&ldquo, then click on the 2“ WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK” ” PSK password; can, in the input box input or modify the wireless PSK password, click on the bottom after to “ then, save &rdquo. Five: when using

    method to reset the router back cannot but

    this method, when you can not log in to the router management interface to reset the router, the body usually has a RESET button, RESET button button on the computer and the power can be basically the same, which is used to reset the reset button, the router the. Usually a small hole. A few routers are a small button. There is RESET annotation on the side. It is easy to find on the router. The following chart is shown: after reset, enter the Echolife Hg8240U Fttx Ftth Ont and reset the password.

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