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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2018

    1, flat to drag: In foreign countries, the use of a crude fiber, concavity strong wipe, and coupled with a product with adsorption effect. The specific method is: the dry coarse wipe clip sandwiched in the flat to drag on the wipe spray some dust adsorbent, and then wipe the floor surface, hair and dust will be absorbed into the coarse wipe towel. After the completion of the removal of the wipe to the pool at the clean, dry standby. The entire process does not require detergents. Because no matter what kind of detergent used, will be more or less tarnish the floor surface.

    2, floor cleaners: floor cleaners, there has been no specific family-friendly operation, and suitable for use on solid wood floor cleaner (most of the detergent need to be diluted with water and need to cooperate with the relevant equipment). Therefore, the floor cleaner is mainly applied to the acid and alkali and water immersion insensitive to the engineering floor, such as: plastic flooring.

    3, dry towel wipe: This approach belongs to those who have a soft spot for solid wood flooring people. Most of them are very concerned about the maintenance of the floor. The purpose of its operation is far from daily cleaning.

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