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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2018

    "Almighty", crazy rise of steel hides but fell "destiny." Under the influence of many factors such as limited production and sale of smog and haze and price increases, the price of steel has not risen and declined but the weak demand has become the dominant factor. Affected by the haze weather, northern steel mills stop production and increased the number of dead ends. According to the survey, utilization of steel mills this week was 68.6%, down 2.5% from the previous week. However, the nation's major steel stocks increased by 250,600 tons from the previous week To 918.12 million tons, has increased for four consecutive weeks, the weakness of demand in the data to be verified.surtidor de China 201 barra redonda del acero inoxidable del peso

    On the other hand, the year approaching, with the further expansion of the impact of cold air, the number of sites will also be discontinued to increase, combined with the haze of weather relief, lifting of blast furnace production, steel mills to resume normal production, production and demand increased A reduction of steel prices is undoubtedly "worse." Recently, the environmental protection wind swept across Guangdong Province. As an important steel consumption place in China, for now, environmental supervision will affect demand of steel products in Guangdong. This kind of influence has an expanding trend and the pressure of supply and demand is further increased .UNS N04400 stainless steel seamless pipe for petro chemical

    According to the latest monitoring, last week (December 23, 2016), the inventories of major steel products in cities nationwide reached 91.91 million tons, up 5 weeks on a quarterly basis, up 47% over the same period of last year. Over the same period, the inventories of 139 building steel mills totaled 3.2292 million tons, up 5.1% MoM. 37 The inventories of 37 HRMs were 839,600 tons, up 2.8% MoM; the stocks of 29 cold-rolled steel producers were 445,000 MT MoM, Up 2.6% MoM. The inventories of 37 plate producers were 633,900 tons, up 2.1% MoM.304 stainless steel tube price per ton mirror

    At the same time, into December, "bifocal" prices began to fall, the end of a few months before the skyrocketing mode, steel cost support efforts weakened. On the one hand, coal production capacity to accelerate the release of raw coal in the country in November 308 million tons, an increase of 9.2%. On the other hand, the inventories of raw materials of steel mills have continued to rise, the intention of replenishing the warehouses has declined, and the willingness of price hikes has increased. According to the latest monitoring, last week (December 23, 2016), East China and North China steel mills coke inventory days were 8.6 and 13.4, respectively, the previous year were 8.2 and 13.4.Stainless Steel Sheet/Coil Supplier-Miele Metal

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