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    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2018

    decoration more. today will introduce to you the characteristics of finger-pointing flooring and referring to the floor maintenance. First, referring to the characteristics of the floor 1, environmental health: refers to the natural reorganization of the floor, the rational use of wood flooring is a resource-saving behavior, can reduce the felling of forest resources. 2, strong stability: This refers to the floor after the

    reorganization of things, and are relatively small wood, it is not prone to deformation cracking phenomenon, high strength. 3, to save production costs: refers to the longitudinal extension of the floor to meet the consumer's pursuit of the United States. 4, solid wood refers to the floor in processing must be the same, that is: the same cross-sectional size; the same tree species; the same moisture content. Second,

    referring to the maintenance of the floor 1, to keep the floor dry and clean, not allowed to mop the floor with a drip, if accidentally sprinkled water on the treadmill, we must promptly dry, which are out of safety considerations. 2, ink, wine and other dirty can use alkaline water, soapy water to avoid damaging the paint surface gloss. 3, the home is often in the high temperature, high humidity conditions, then it is

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