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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2018

    soaking and carbonization of heavy bamboo flooring, must not buy. 10, high temperature and high pressure bonding technology Bamboo flooring glued together by high temperature and pressure. High temperature, high pressure and gluing have strict process standards and testing standards. Some manufacturers and self-employed in the market use hand-pressing or soil-mechanical suppression, and the glue

    can not be guaranteed, so it is easy to crack. 11, whether the six leaching paint Because the heavy bamboo flooring is a green natural product, with pores on the surface, due to the existence of the probability of moisture absorption caused by deformation, it must be around and at the end of the surface all the paint. Normal Shun bend will not affect the quality of use, the installation can automatically leveling.

    Bamboo flooring on the purchase of knowledge, has introduced so much, we just follow the above aspects to pick, I believe we can buy a good heavy bamboo flooring. More knowledge of the floor, every home renovation network.Refers to the floor is a kind of high-grade floor, not easy to deformation, environmental protection and reasonable use of resources, so finger-based flooring used in home

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