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    bigger and bigger. To satisfy domestic requirement, alleviate lumber supply and demand is contradictory, development of trade of Chinese lumber import is rapid, already became the cedar playset planks 2nd big lumber that is next to the United States to import a country, our country is spent to the dependence of world lumber market rise ceaselessly. The change of supply and demand of world lumber market affects the lumber trade of our

    country, and the situation of supply outdoor patio temporary surfaces and demand that the change of commerce of our country lumber also can affect world lumber market. Commerce of lumber of 21 centuries world will continue to grow quickly, structure of world lumber commerce will change deep treatment to the product from resource product stage by stage, artificial forest specific gravity is occupied to will rise ceaselessly in decks and facilities on board world wood supply, the

    contradiction of resource tie, environmental protection and lumber commerce is increasingly serious. In addition, 20 centuries since 90 time, the international competition hot tub gazebos metal polycarbonate ability of country of main lumber commerce produced very big change, the international competition ability of Russia rises quickly, on alive bound and Chinese lumber market more and more have the place that hold the balance, the international

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